Best tweets showing #TogetherToEndMaleGuardianship campaign سعوديات_نطالب_باسقاط_الولايه#

In July this year, Human Rights Watch launched a campaign to end male guardianship in Saudi.

The kingdom’s male guardianship system means that adult women must obtain permission from a male guardian to travel abroad, marry, or be released from prison, and may be required to have and provide guardian consent to work or get health care.

In the view of the state, women are permanents minors, so, these restrictions are in place from birth and do not end.

Without the presence or consent of a male relative, women in Saudi Arabia face formal and informal barriers when attempting to make decisions, meaning a man is always in control.

These restrictions remain the most significant impediment to women’s rights in the country despite limited reforms over the last decade, according to HRW.

As one 25-year-old Saudi woman told HRW, “We all have to live in the borders of the boxes our dads or husbands draw for us.”


At first this could be seen as another western campaign intervening in an other’s culture, but many Saudi women have taken to twitter since its launch to advocate the same message.

Here are tweets showing Saudi women telling it like it is…

Highlighting the efforts of Saudi women

The tweet, accompanied by a video of Saudi Princess Ameera reads: “Saudi women are not reactionary, [it’s the] laws and regulations that are reactionary.” Princess Ameera is well known for her extensive philanthropy work.

Showing the reaches of the campaign

We are still waiting

Tweet reads: We are still waiting [for guardianship system to end]

Decisions are women’s to make

Tweet reads: “I’m not afraid to die by his hand because I [have already] died after he robbed me of my freedom and my dreams. 💔 ”

And after all that…






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