This letter to the editor has gone viral… #BanSuits

Whatchu going to do when they come for you?

Who says letters to the editor are dead, definitely not ‘Henry Stewart’ from London, whose well-penned argument has gone viral on social media sites such as twitter under the hashtag

Stewart accurately points out most issues to do with corruption, war, political games and dangers to society have been caused by men, men in suits not burkinis.

So, why worry about burkinis or burqas, when it’s men in suits we ought to be worried about?

Since its publication in The Guardian on Tuesday in reaction to the burkini ban debacle, the photo has been shared numerous times.

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Stewart’s comment has crystallised what many called an absurd move by towns in the south of France.

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A high court in France overturned the burkini ban in Villeneuve-Loubet, a small town near Nice last week. The court cited that the ban “seriously, and clearly illegally, breached the fundamental freedoms to come and go, the freedom of beliefs and individual freedom.”

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