Mergouza is the latest town to be hit by the rising street art scene in Morocco

Well-known street artist El Mac has brought more life to the streets of popular Moroccan desert towns after spending a few weeks in the country in June 2016.

El Mac was part of the Igloo Hong project and spent a couple weeks in Merzouga and Agdz, to paint some small murals with an all star team of artists including David Choe, Andrew Hem, Aaron Horkey, Mars 1, Esao Andrews and DVS1.

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Group of artists bringing desert towns to life. Photo: Paco Raterta.

The American artist created captivating photo-realistic imagery, which he is known for, encapsulating the essence of locals using spray-paint.

Hussain Ahnana and his portrait. Photo: El Mac.

Firstly, in Merzouga, known as the doorway to the Sahara, a mural is plastered on a wall of a popular tourist spot, El Mac painted the foreground and the background by Andrew Hem. It is inspired by a photo of Sahrawi nomad Hussain Ahnana (حساين اهنانا) who also owns the tourist camping ground Secret du Sahara where it is found.

El Mac at work. Photo David Choe.

Sahrawis are known for their blue headgear and robes.

Finished art based on Sahrawi tribesman. Photo: El Mac.

Images inspired by the El Mac’s cat are painted on centuries-old mudbrick kasbah in Agdz.

Art based on El MAc’s cat. Photo: Paco Raterta.

Another piece is located outside the Casbah des Arts, (House of Arts) and is a portrait of 92-year-old Mohamed Ait El Caid (محمد ايت القيد).

Bringing local 92-year-old to life. Photo: El Mac.

An 11-artist program called MB6 Street Art brought the walls of Marrakesh to life on the sidelines of the 6th Marrakech Biennale in April. Creative imagery, inspired by Morocco’s cultures, was splattered across the 954-year old city: on second-floor rooftops, in the narrow souk alleys  and on larger multi-story walls next to busy parking lots.

In 2015, artists from all over the world converged for first annual Jidar Festival in Rabat, transforming the country’s capital into a canvas for spray-painted creative miracles. The festival was partly organised by the National Museum Foundation with an aim to brighten the city.

This is part of a travel series on Morocco


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